Karla Fisher (contact: karla.fisher@intel.com)
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  • Professional: Senior Program Manager at Intel Corp.: I have been in the high-tech industry since 1991, doing everything from wirting code and tech support (phone) to program design and program management. I specialize in Technical Program Management and bridging the technical people to the real world customer needs.
  • Personal/Family: I am mother to two adult children (27 and 29 years old). Both children are college graduates and doing exceptionally well. One teaches middle school in the Dallas, Texas, area and the other is attending school in Los Angeles in pursuit of her PhD in Historical Languages.
  • Personal/Special Interests: I study and perform on classical guitar. I am an avid athlete, lifting weights, biking, and playing various sports, including two seasons with a women's full-contact professional football team (the Portland Fighting Fillies). I am a certified professional trainer and have studied nutrition extensively. I cannot get enough computer, software engineering and computer creativity work such as video editing, animations, etc....
  • Residences: I own a 40-acre farm with horses and trees in a remote location outside of the city and manage rental properties.
  • Community Work: I mentor several young people including a teenage ASD boy (through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program). I serve as General Manager to the Portland Fighting Fillies, and have become an autism advocate, speaker and role model.

Here is an interview on the Autism Women's Network website where I talk about adaptations that I made to play football:


Here is the football story:


Karla Fisher (at her 40-acre remote farm that she shares with her dog,her horse and her python) is an autistic adult advocate diagnosed in Oct. 2011,after a traumatic event caused her to lose major abilities to process this NT world.